Mark John

Executive Director &
2015 - Present

“Collaboration, discovery,
learning, inclusivity
& togetherness.
This is Art for All.”

Utilizing public and private ecologies as core modes of engagement, SMIT builds immersive creative experiences that empower, inspire and educate. SMIT champions art as a tool for positive change, advocating for greater inclusivity, accessibility and transparency, via the pursuit of mutually beneficial, non-hierarchical programming and innovation.  A network as sculpture, powered by a simple belief, art for all.

1. Spearheads the introduction of visitor driven adaptive learning, engagement and performance experiences at 18 leading New York cultural institutions, museums, art fairs, libraries and private clients. - growing engagement metrics and organic traffic by 70%

2. Facilitates bespoke PR, institutional and brand representation for board members, clients and HNWI on behalf of public and private institutions with operating budgets in excess of 10 million USD

5. Innovats, actions, leads and evaluates developmental outreach, relationship building, collaborative programming and strategic relationship management pathways for both 501(c)(3) and for-profit clients.

6. Manages a network of over 50 internationally acclaimed artists, designers and creative practitioners

7. Promotes knowledge sharing and collaborative working practices between institutions, markets and stakeholders

Maintains cohesive narrative, educationally centric PR and brand representation

“SMIT is a Design Thinking cultural engagement and new audiences consultancy, PR and production solution positioned to respond to emerging demands manifesting within creative and cultural sectors.”

Together we:
Define the new
Empower ambition
Leverage provenance
Forge Relationships
Build legacy