Mark John

Mark John Smith. 

Mark is an arts and cultural engagement specialist with over ten years of experience in  art and cultural public programming, civic engagement, as well as more than a decade of work with 501c3 (US) and non-profit and charitable (UK) organizations, public and governmental bodies. To date he has engaged over 36,000,000 active public collaborators. The focus of Mark’s practice is innovating bespoke strategies to involve and develop new audiences; advocate for audience opportunity and accessibility; and further art and education as tools for positive political and social change. He holds an MFA and BA (with honors) in Fine Art and Art History, media training from the British Broadcast Corporation and is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Core Competencies

Talent Acquisition, Mentorship & Professional Development. Cultural Engagement Innovation, Project Management, Logistics, Budgeting & Delivery. Social Justice. Conflict Mitigation & Resolution. Policy Creation and Implementation. Public and Cultural Planning, Production and Delivery. Educational Strategic Development, Implementation and Evaluation. New Audiences / Development and Retention. Audience Outreach / Empowerment, Access Strategy, Implementation and Evaluation. Community Development. Participatory, Immersive Experiences. Public Speaking / Broadcast. Interdisciplinary Collaboration. New Technologies. Publishing / Research. Media Representation. Archive Augmentation. Creative Management. B2B. CRM. Grant / Proposal Lead Generation, Execution and Evaluation. 501C3 Fundraising. Equality and Accessibility Advocacy.